"A Light From The Other Side" CD


After 5 US studio albums, Richards returned to Australia to release "A Light From The Other Side", an album inspired by the crumbling of her 14-year marriage, or as Richards describes it, “a tsunami of change”. She counts her migration back to Australia as the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. This bittersweet mix of optimistic and languishing emotion shines bright throughout the album.
A Light From The Other Side was recorded with composer, song-writer and producer Greg J. Walker (Paul Kelly, C.W Stoneking). His and Richards musical relationship started how all good modern relationships do; over the internet. “I was surfing around the inter-web listening to random tracks and I came across a song by an Australian folksinger and I thought “I love this production. This arrangement, this instrumentation…Who is doing it?”  Greg J Walker as it turns out. I saw he was with Mushroom publishing and I thought, “no way I’ll be able to make contact with this guy” but I found a website for his band Machine Translations, and I emailed him with a link to a couple of songs of mine from past CDs. He got back to me pretty quickly and wrote “I love your voice and style, yes we must work together” and so we did.” – Lisa Richards
Lisa Richards was able to experiment with sounds at Walker’s studio in a little country town in Victoria. Lisa played guitar, sang and played a little thumb piano and a toy piano. Greg J Walker was the main instrumentalist, except for horns on 4 of the tracks. Referring to the range of instruments on offer as a “Musical Wonderland”, Richards was able to bring ideas to life as she explains, “I got to say ‘I hear banjo on this song…ooh what about cello or piano accordion?’ Greg is the master of the broken down orchestra. He has all these beautifully ragged rescued instruments that he coaxes into life, like Gladys the piano who only has some keys that are tuneful no matter how hard he tries to tune it.  The inside string section of a grand piano lies on the floor and he plays it kind of by bowing the strings with another wire string, hammer dulcimer, toy piano, thumb piano, violin, a 4 string cello.”
The daughter of a concert pianist who forbade the playing of instruments, Lisa has a life story that could easily grace the silver screen. From busking in Kings Cross to hanging out with Debbie Harry at SXSW and playing CBGB’s Lisa has experienced all of the happiness and misfortune life has to offer.

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